Friday, February 20, 2009

Stuck, GO!

Every week's the same
Stuck in school's so lame
My parents said that I'm lazy
Getting up at 8 am, crazy!
Tired of being told what to do
So unfair, So uncool

The day's too long and I'm holdin on
till I hear the bell's ring
cause that's the time that we're gone

Breakout, let's the party start!
We're gonna stay out, gonna break somehearts
We're gonna dance till the dance floor
Falls apart
All over again

We're gonna wake up, eveyone we know
We're gonna have some fun, gonna lose control
It feels so good to let GO!
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Native Speaker's Home Work

HE*L yeaaah! my native speaker teacher want us to write a journal everyday on a notebook. We must tell about activities, feelings, hopes, and whatever we want to write. It's minimal 5 sentences everyday. I think it's good to make us better in  english writing, but sometimes it makes me bored because I do the same activities almost every weeks.

Ok! Lets start this with happines.