Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's like branches :)

Dear my beloved blog,

I really wanna post on you regularly, but I cant :'( I don't have enough time to write and tell you about my whole story, but believe me it was great! I've trough colorful life with all of my activities every day, every hour. Talking with family, laughing and hanging out with my girls, sharing my stories with my boy, learning at collage, and working with Cabelle.

I have a good news to you,

I've made a blog and instagram account for my online shop. A blog with the same name as it, I use to write about my stories with cabelle, post my clothing detail, behind the scene, customer whim, etc

Many people start to shop on IG, so I'm trying too and it was not bad, this account has launched 1 day and I had have 31 followers and some customer who sms and order. :)

Hope you like it, and it would be more interesting. 
Monday, September 17, 2012

Handmade Flowery Brooches

When I was blogwalking on someone blog who mostly talk about art, craft, and handmade, I saw how they made kain perca become cute brooches. Because it looks simple so I try it by my self.

We have to make 5 circle as it sheath, so we need pencil, a thing to draw circle on it (I used caps of anti mosquito :D), scissors, glue sticks, and pin.

fold that circle and sew it rim with hand needle

pull the strinf

bunch all off those sheath become a flower, sew a botton in the midle of flower, glued the pin, and this is it!!

So cute right? I like it so much <3
I wanna try to make it with other fabrics and model, wait yaa! :D