Tuesday, April 16, 2013

From Cabelle Closet to Florimia!

Hello dear,

2 months ago, I've changed my online shop name from Cabelle Closet to Florimia. I felt that those old name became weird and hard to say. When someone ask about my olshop name directly I have to spell it again because they didn't know it clearly. Some people also think that "closet" is something weird. Expedition's employer asked me why I give it as an online shop name and told me to change it to fashion or something else --" They just don't know what the real meaning of closet is.

and now I've officially changed it to Florimia, without closet. I still don't know why I choose this name after some weeks fully-thinking about it. Flori is from floral or flowery, my fave pattern. Mia is from letter of my name, maybe. Eventhough one of my friend said that it's like a food name but i think it's better than before. Hopefully it would be a great name and still always be in my customers heart <3