Monday, February 27, 2012

About Closet :)

A closet (especially in North American usage) is a small and enclosed space, a cabinet, or a cupboard in a house or building used for general storage or hanging clothes. A closet, through French from Latin clausum, "closed" began life in the 17th century as a small private room, often behind a bedroom, to which a man or woman could retire, for privacy, reading, or enjoyment of personal works of art: for this usage.

Modern closets can be built into the walls of the house during construction so that they take up no apparent space in the bedroom, or they can be a large, free-standing piece of furniture designed for clothing storage, in which case they are often called a wardrobe or armoire. Closets are often built under stairs, thereby using awkward space that would otherwise go unused. (source: wikipedia)

Must have this kind of closet when I have my own home with my beloved one, someday! :D

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Meela said...

kayak yang di Princess Diary deh.

Nelva Amelia said...

Cantik kan sist ^^

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