Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cabelle Closet :D

Few days before, My bestie sonya asked me to make an online shop on facebook too, like she did. I've been thinking about this and said yes...

Then, we were thinking about my olshop name, and it was taking more than 2 hours :D Finally I decided to chose Cabelle Closet as my online shop name. It sounds weird, but I like it. Cabel means cute and belle is name of a fictional character from the fairy tale Beauty and the BeastShe is also an official Disney Princess.
my olshop

sonya's olshop

It has been 3 days since I made my online shop and it was awsome! :) My first buyer is a nice one from Bontang, Kalimantan Timur. I got enough profits from selling 2 syalala skirt to her. I'll save that money for my capital and others purpose. Hope it could be a good business for us :)

Thanks friend, thanks buyer, Love ya all :*

nb: click at the title under photos to visit our online shop. Hope you like it :)

5 komentar:

Aisha S. Masputri said...

hei, aku baru tau engkau sudah punya olshop :O
pekerjakan aku nepa ;)

albar gZz said...

cie' asyik, smoga sukses!

Meela said...

aku juga kepengen buka olshop nih.
bagi-bagi tipsnya dong. :)

Yaumil Farah said...

sik asik ^^

Nelva Amelia said...

@Aisha: yuk ayuk bergabung sa :D

@Albar: hehe, amin.. thx yaa :)

@Meela: masih newbie nih sist, hhi

@Yohelf: ^^

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