Wednesday, February 6, 2013


actually I did forget about this heart break day by day, but it suddenly makes me galau when I was listening Ost. Athena I love you by Taeyeon, I like it from the first time I heard, and when I search the lyric, it deeply touch my heart.

Naega mianhaeyo miaenhayo.. Keudae iji mothaseo...

That memories suddenly came out, when we’re first meet in the branch of road and the last time I saw him disappear and I was always waiting that time when we can meet again, but he will never come back anymore. I know it’s not something good to remember but I just miss those moment, when I have someone to talk always at night, evethough I happily have a bestfriend to chat with anytime, the one whom I can share anything without doubting.

Maybe it will be better if I tell you about what I did this holiday, it was lovely thing to do actually, without college. Sewing at day, watching Korean drama at night. But it will officially over soon. I have to go back to campus tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a lovely thing to do too.

I should be happy that I am 20 and I have my own money to buy anything I need without asking to my parent anymore. Evethough sometimes it makes me tired to do all of this alone, buy fabrics, cut, sew, package, and send it to beloved customer, but I do love this job. Eventhough some people humiliate this, I know, they’re making some jokes from what we did when searching for customer or something else, but they just envy, they just don’t know what to do, they just too happy with their life.

But this is just me and what I have to through to be happy.