Monday, September 17, 2012

Handmade Flowery Brooches

When I was blogwalking on someone blog who mostly talk about art, craft, and handmade, I saw how they made kain perca become cute brooches. Because it looks simple so I try it by my self.

We have to make 5 circle as it sheath, so we need pencil, a thing to draw circle on it (I used caps of anti mosquito :D), scissors, glue sticks, and pin.

fold that circle and sew it rim with hand needle

pull the strinf

bunch all off those sheath become a flower, sew a botton in the midle of flower, glued the pin, and this is it!!

So cute right? I like it so much <3
I wanna try to make it with other fabrics and model, wait yaa! :D

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