Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Love being Who I Am ♥

I’m just an ordinary girl.

No money, not from a rich family.
No beauty found in my face.
I live my life with my own way.
I do whatever I wanna do.
Words that come out from my mouth is what my heart is saying.
I try to not really care what people would say about me cause this is who I am.
Take if you want, leave if you don’t.

I have nothing without my beloved family and friends who understand me.
Billion thanks for them all.
I don’t know how my life would be without them.
They all are the best thing in my life.

My life is not as stable as others but I’m working on it.
Sometimes my life is too complicated to explain.
My future is still blurry in this long journey.
I admit that nothing in this world is easy.
I pray to God to give me a good life, a bright future, and the humility inside me keep remain until I reach my goal.

I want nothing except happiness.

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