Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh NO!

I think my english skill become worse!

Last Tuesday, I faced an english midterm. My lecturer read the question and we answered that directly on our paper, we could search the answer in our own note. I thought that would be easy to answer all question. but you know what, when my friends share the correct answer, I made many mistakes :(

My lecturer said that, “it doesn’t matter if you answer the question in bahasa, but the answer must be correct!”

Yeah, even though I answered all questions in english but the answer is not correct. Now I just can hope a miracle that will make me get good grades, huhuhu :(

I think I must improve my english skill to be better than before. Hmm, Do I must take an english private? That’s not a good idea because I’ve many homework to do.

Maybe here are some goals that I could set to myself:
  • Read a book or a comic every month.
  • Learn a new word every day.
  • Read a news article on the net every day.
  • Do min. 10 minutes listening practice every day.
  • Watch an English film at least once a week. Do it without subtitle or with english subtitle are better.
  • Keep a diary in english.
  • Join an English forum.
  • Listening western songs that use english, write and read the lyric.
  • Getting involved with people outside Indonesia, make a friendship or relationship with them :D there’s no another way out to communicate with them. But I have to be careful while choosing a foreigner, choose a good and cute one milkysmile
  • Making a small group with my friends and an agreement that we’ll learn together in some ways. We can practice speaking skill, share some advices and knowledges too. Don’t feel ashamed, I’ll keep in my mind that my friends are not better than me so I can feel more confident to express myself. ahahaha milkysmile

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