Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I won't waste my time, Let's move on!


“Dear Heart,
I'm sorry, I once again fell for someone that doesn't like me back.
You can feel free to break anytime now.
This time, I'm ready for it...”

I used to think that when you're in love, you'd hear the birds singing but the only thing I heard was the hollow echo in my being. I thought the sky would turn blue but it turned gray and rained on me. I thought that my eyes would be sparkling with joy but it only glistened with the tears.

Why do we have to love someone who could never love us back? I'm not saying that love is a bad thing, it never is. What's bad is when you fall in love and the person does not really fall in love back.

I was not born to insist myself to someone who doesn't want me. I give love, yes I do, in fact I easily fall for someone who makes me feel special. But when I sense that that person is starting to get rid of me, I won't waste my time.

I can't say I'm proud of my life, but I can say I'm proud that I've learned. I've learned that I can't rely on everyone, but I can't let everyone to hurt me. I know some things don't work out, but I know everything that has been is for something better. I can't guarantee I'll be able to walk around with a smile, but I know where I've been and where I'm going. I know who I am and who my friends are. I'm not here to complain so I'll keep trying and hopefully in the end I'll know that I did my best.

Maybe I have failed more often than I have succeeded but I can pick myself up, hold my head high and move forward because I'm telling you that from this great fall, I've through a long way and I love my life now more than like I did yesterday.

I wish I can forget the pain
I wish I can forget the people who hurt me
I wish I can forget the bitterness
I wish I can fully let go
I wish I can move on
I wish I am that strong as I thought I am
I wish I can be free
I wish I am not scared
I wish I can fully forgive
I wish I can love again
I wish someone will love me
I wish for happiness
I wish I can make it through the end 
I wish I can
I wish. 

6 komentar:

Ninda Rahadi said...

pasti bisa :)

Miss Patricia ♥ said...

I believe you can do it, for sure.
Because I've got this moment too

Teguh Kurnaen said...

ada kemauan pasti ada jalannya kan, apalagi kalau kemauannya itu kuat. :)

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Outbound di Malang said...

keep spirit , and believe that you can do that :)

Rizky said...

blognya keren ;)

Nelva Amelia said...

Thank you all :')

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