Sunday, April 8, 2012

wherever you go, I'll keep following you.

It's so creepy to think what I feel about you lately. It's full of emotion. Love, hate, happy, sad, upset, furious, miserable, and so much more. A single day without your news can drive me crazy. What I can do is just stalking you on social media. It makes me sick knowing that you prefer to reply other girls comments or messages rather than to text me. Everyone is busy with their work, not just you, but when you're busy with yours, you don't even remember me, I thought. I cried for you stupidly. 

When I taught you about what I feel, bad feeling, you'll always respond it simply. I wish I could be like that too. Don't know it's good or not but I think it feels good to feel that kinda feeling. "We're still young, just enjoy it. Don't be too tied with our relationship status, we're not married yet, then if we're married we'll deal with our real life, full of responsibility." you said. Yeah, maybe from now I'll try to be that kinda person, just like you, not to raise the little issues, not lebay, not selfish, no to take so seriously anything that's not important, and so on.

Even though most of all is such an unhappy feeling that sometimes makes me don't wanna stay anymore, but when I saw you what I can feel is just don't wanna lose you. When I heard that the one you love is just me, all of bad feeling, negative thoughts, doubts was disappear. That's what always makes me wanna be beside you. wherever you go, I'll keep following you. 

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Claude C Kenni said...

When loving someone, never regret what you do, only regret what you don't do ;p

f4dLy :) said...

Dikit gak ngerti artinya de'...
gimana kalau pasang translate kayak di blogku

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