Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a Nice Surprise

Dear Friends, Just want to thank to:

• Erisa Aulia
• Nisa Winanda
• Farisa Sabila
• Jellyta Hati
• Desi Patria Sari
• Rizky Mustika Putri (netnot)
• Riski Permatasari (cekod)


For all amazing birthday surprise and gifts that you have given to me. What a nice surprise. I love it so much, and I love you all too. :) You are so sweet to remember my big day! I had so much fun.
I don’t forget to say thanks to Aisha Sri Masputri and Mikial Bulqiah for your sweet 17 birthday gift. I like that pijamas. It was very thoughtful of you, and it’s easily one of my favorite gifts.

Then, for all my friends who have said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and wished all the best for me, I’ll also say a lot of thanks to you all. What I do have of course is all of YOU and that makes everyday special. I appreciate all you did very much.

Thank you sooooo much!

My love to you all.

Nelva Amelia

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