Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don't say goodbye

I'm in love with this Davichi - don't say goodbye Music Video. Davichi is two Korean singer who have lovely voices, the power to squeeze the life and beauty out of every song they sing! Two thumbs up for Davichi and their new mini album, Love Delight! I love every track on it. Don’t Say Goodbye is the title of one track in this album that I like the most. The MV is quite simple although it confusing me, it's just so strange but I do love to watch it.

The first part is creepy, on
how a boy could find a girl in his home trash.

He asked her to live with him. It's so strange isn't it? because he even doesn't know anything about this girl.

Day by day, they become so close~

but this girl remembered him with his girlfriend that he doesn't know where she was. They hadn't met so long. He miss her because he just loves her.

She finally knows that there was someone who he loved.

She's affraid of loosing him, because she has fallen in love with him.

But that day is come. Her fear becomes real. There is someone who knows where that boy's girlfriend was. He decides to make an exchange.


Gosh, so sad!! They eventually separate.

Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye? Why can't we get all the people that we love together in the world and then just stay together forever?

FYeaah, I realize that it wouldn't work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say goodbye. Actually I really hate goodbye.

I know what I need, I need more hellos...

Lyric translation:
I saw your trembling lips for the first time
You try and you try but hesitate to say something
Just like the lyrics from a song- sad predictions come true
No, it can’t be- it’s not- it can’t be

You already left me, your heart has left me
Even your body has left me as well
I don’t know how to hold onto you- someone please tell me how

Please don’t say those words tonight
Why did you leave me?
I’m so hurt, my heart hurts- tears are rising
We can’t say goodbye yet- don’t open those lips any wider
Don’t say goodbye

At your cold words, I sank down
As if the world crumbled down, tears fell

If this moment passes, if this moment is over
We will be separated forever
I love you, I love you to death-
Don’t leave me

I don’t know what separation is- I’m just upset
I have so many stories, so many memories-
My heart is ripping

We can’t say goodbye yet- don’t open those lips any wider
Don’t say goodbye
Don’t say goodbye

Hope it'll be part two with happy ending.

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Meela said...

sedih banget.. T_____T

Arif Chasan said...

yap.. gambar terakhir bikin saya ilfeel sama cowoknya.. "dia ngeliatin apa coba?" :((((

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