Monday, March 12, 2012

Many Things Happened

It was kind of busy day lately this month. still learn math at college, hanging out with friends, meet my beloved one, joking with family, work with cabelle, and so on... 

Many things happened. It was so sad when I knew that my friend's father has passed away. Of course it happened unexpectedly. Someone who I saw look quite healthy has just leave us forever. I feel scared, it certainly will happen with us. Yeaaah, Everybody dies in the end, sooner or later. But I hope we all have a long life and share our happiness together so we could have a lot of memories to remember.

Don't really want to think about that now because there are so many thing to think about. I also feel so happy because my mommy has bought a new sewing machine. Hope my sewing becomes better. 

There's no rapid progress with cabelle yet, but I still take some orders sometimes. It was so nice to sew, packing, and send it. I'm starting to learn how it feels to find my own money and save it for my future needs. Besides that, my lecture is still number one, I don't want my IP drop again, really.

Btw, it's about 3 months I've been in relationship with my bf. Things were great. But day by day I increasingly feel worried about this, we're become so close and closer again. Sometimes I think this love is fading and don't want to stay anymore, but when I see him again it's become so different, what a strange, I love him more than before. He was the only one I have ever felt that strongly for. I miss him. I just want to be with him. Forever.

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aameen , for your last words ... :)

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