Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm exactly crazy right now!
I feel like I don't want to meet anyone.
I can't believe that they can give me that f*cking final score easily.
Didn't they think that I can commit suicide because of this crazy thing?
I came to campus, I did the exercise, I faced all of quiz, midterms, and final exam BUT what I got is not appropriate as what I did.
what a life!

I've tired of crying all of these. I've tried to not crying, but it really hurt me.
Mommy, I really don't want to stay at this faculty anymore, like I've said last semester. Kill me or Get me out of this!

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Diah Wardani Chaidesar said...

jangan nyerah gitu nelva.. c'mon Allah SWT selalu melihat usaha kita, walau Dia tidak membalas sekarang, tp pasti akan ada waktunya.. SEMANGAT !!!

Nelva Amelia said...

iyaa kk :(

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