Monday, January 30, 2012

The Painful Truth

It really hurts to know the truth, but I hate being lied to.

I know 'maybe' he doesn’t wanna lie to me, but I already knew this truth by myself, that he didn’t really want me before. Actually he liked some other girl who more beautiful than me like his friend ever said. iuuu!

He met me then he made me fall on him, then he met other girl that he like 100x more than me, but he's just already let me fall on him. He messed it up. So just because he didn't want to break my heart, we are in relationship now. How pity I am...

This is what I really hate about relationship, knowing that fcking painful truth in the middle of my happiness being with him. 

I've thought that he's not good for me from the beginning. But my best friends don’t really agree about that, they wanted me to try to a litlle bit care with him. Hellyeah, I tried and finally I've fallen in love with him, the most terrible thing that I don’t want to feel before.

I probably shouldn't say this but this times I get so scared when I think about the previous relationship we shared. It was awesome, but will we lose it? It's not possible for me to not to care, because I really dont want to lose him.

Eventhough he’s with me now and we’re loving each other (I believe on it), but it just so sick knowing the truth. I hate you, oh you! He's vain, his games, he's insecure. His friends, they're jerks. He loves me, he likes her. He makes me laugh then he makes me cry :(

and The greatest thing I hate the most that he does, He makes me love him.

ok, I'll text him and Let's be clear.

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